Friday, 31 July 2009

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from pushing Godless, it's pretty much out of my hands while the publishers have it anyway. Spending time on my other blog - as most you know I'm a personal trainer by trade, putting all my energy and resources into the business side for the time being. Once things easy off and I hear back from Spinetinglers I'll start this blog over from scratch.

That's all for now folks

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I have joined an online network for unpublished authors to show off parts of or all of their work.
Also I have decided to upload an extract from Godless so you can now read the first three chapters online and vote for it!  Click below to see it!

Godless - Oliver Mell

The more people reed and vote for my book the more chance Haper Collins have of publishing it!

I have also found one book worth giving my vote to:
Uttuku - Robert N Stephenson

You can check it out on the site.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Horror Reanimated

Joseph D'lacey author of 'Meat' has teamed up with another of my web-friend/author buddies Bill Hussey and come up with Horror Reanimated. It's well worth checking out if you like that sort of thing:

Their novels are published through Bloody Books witch are linked from their sites.
I'll plug their links to their own works in the next few days.

Joseph frequently helps me with tips for publishing and his own work Meat is piling up the reviews (I'm a fan) and his book is still available from

Bill is the author of Through a glass, Darkly again available from

Steve and Sian's wedding

On August 16th my old house mates Steve and Sian tied the knot. So I thouhgt I'd put up just a few pics of thier wedding.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Two months on!

It has been two months nearly since I submitted my extract to Spinetinlgers. Since then I have also submitted my manuscript into my lectures at MMU. I still have a few follow up articles to submit before I can graduate (I will post these too since they relate to Godless) I am hoping to hear back from Spinetinglers soon although I am not naive enough in this business to keep fingers crossed! So instead this is what I have been upto:

- Making final preparations for my wedding
Going to the jewellery quarter to see wax moulds of the rings

-Taking my PT exams to qualify as a personal trainer

-Taking on manage meant of the Body For Life Challenge at my gym

-Purchasing two kettle bells to do training with (for my wedding in Antigua)

-Starting plans for my new writing projects

Friday, 1 August 2008

The Manuscript

Picked up four copies today, one to go to and two to go to MMU for submission.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New job new me

Since April I have had a new job. I'm now a fitness instructor for LA Fitness. To be honest it's a little bit sad seeing my stab vest hanging in my wardrobe collecting dust, and I do feel a bit pent up sometimes. The good side is I'm in the best shape I've ever been and I'm not a zombie in the mornings. It gives me a bit more energy to play with my little girl in the day time and I'm learning about another trade, but I'm not currently doing any fight training and I miss both Gladiator Gym and Systema badly. Moving on is weird, but it was the right time.